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25. NOV | At Two Owls Bookshop

Radu Vancu


The Owls and the Lights of Timișoara

The poet Radu Vancu in dialogue with the audience

Sat. 25. NOVEMBER  |  18:00

AT TWO OWLS BOOKSHOP (Union Square 11)

Free Entrance



One of the most esteemed Romanian poets, Radu Vancu, will return to Timișoara to introduce the audience to the Enlightenment.


In this free-entry event, Radu Vancu will discuss the aspects of this intellectual movement and its influence on Timișoara.


From a literary perspective, Radu Vancu will talk about the Age of Enlightenment in the entire region and how it influenced literary creators in the generations that followed.

Radu Vancu.jpg


Radu Vancu (born in Sibiu, Romania, in 1978) is a Romanian poet, writer, essayist, and translator. He is a professor at the Faculty of Letters and Arts at "Lucian Blaga" University in Sibiu and serves as the editor-in-chief of the Transilvania magazine. Since 2019, he has been the president of PEN Romania. He is also an editor at Poesis International magazine and has coordinated the Romanian section of the Poetry International website. Radu Vancu is the organizer of the International Poetry Festival in Sibiu known as "Poets in Transylvania."

Starting from the year 2002, he has published eight books of poetry, for which he has received multiple awards. His poetry has been translated into approximately 20 foreign languages, either in anthologies, journals, or individual books. He has also published a novel, "Transparency" (2018), and two volumes of journals (2017, 2021), for which he has received several awards. Additionally, he has authored two children's books and a collection of civic texts. His academic publications include two essay books about Mihai Eminescu and Mircea Ivănescu, as well as a volume on the relationship between poetic modernity and humanity. Radu Vancu has also compiled several anthologies of modern and contemporary Romanian poetry, either independently or in collaboration with Mircea Ivănescu, Claudiu Komartin, or Marius Chivu.

He has translated novels and poetry, mainly from John Berryman and W.B. Yeats. He is also the translator of the Ezra Pound edition coordinated by H.-R. Patapievici at Humanitas Publishing House.

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