Zéphire et Flore

Artistic Direction: Gabriel Bebeșelea

Stage Direction: Csaba Némedi
12 Soloists tba.

"Transylvania" State Philharmonic Choir


Louis and Jean-Louis Lully:

Zéphire et Flore, Opera en musique





+/- 210 minutes tbc.

PERFORMERS: 70 or 62 musicians


Dates available on request

phire et Flore, the only opera attributed to Louis and Jean-Lou- is Lully, sons of Jean-Baptiste Lully, sets a libretto by Michel Du Boullay based on episodes from Greek mythology. It was performed for the first time 22 March 1688 at the Palais Royale in Paris to commemorate one year since Jean-Baptiste Lully’s passing, and it was revived only once, in June of 1715, with minor additions by Destouches.

To present this programme, Gabriel Bebeșelea worked on the editio princeps of the score, editing and preparing it for its first performance in over 300 years. Joined by Musica Ricercata, a fabulous cast of 12 singers and the “Transylvania” State Philharmonic Choir, Gabriel Bebeșelea rediscovers the marvels of a forgotten baroque opera in a truly unique project, presented either as staged opera or as opera in concert.