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Musica Ricercata oppure ricerca musicale?

My passion for the research and study of the compositional manuscripts brought me in front of endless routes and musical paths I wanted to explore. But in order to share these masterpieces of unimaginable value with the audience, the musical score needs a transmitting platform, an ensemble to give these scores a “voice”: this is how Musica Ricercata was born! 

Together with fellow young passionate musicians, we embarked on this adventure in promoting music which we researched thoroughly beforehand. Our quest of bringing to light pieces that haven’t been performed in centuries, is a long process which requires research in old libraries and centuries-old archives from all over Europe, as well as transcribing these newly discovered manuscripts.

The title – Musica Ricercata (ad literam translated as „Researched Music” – comes from a pieces written by one of the most important composers of the 20th Century, György Ligeti, in which he was bringing a homage to the music of Girolamo Frescobaldi. And being Transylvanian-born myself, like Ligeti, could there be a better connection between the geographical space where this project was born and the idea of homage to early and contemporary music? I strongly believe there isn’t!

This bridge between time and space also inspired us in our desideratum to bring the audience closer to these two ages, apparently unconnected, but in which the research drove to revolutions in the whole society.

The presence of these magnificent musicians on important European stages proved that passion, versatility, but mostly their overwhelming energy deeply resonates with the audience, the reviews being unanimously appreciative.

Gabriel Bebeșelea

Artistic Director

Musica Ricercata Presentation

Musica Ricercata Presentation

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