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Musica Ricercata is an international artistic collective conceived by Gabriel Bebeșelea who, from its inception, assured the artistic and technical direction of the ensemble, gathering the finest musicians from all over Europe and creating diverse and exciting musical programmes, spanning from the  baroque to modern eras, with an emphasis on early music.
Characterised by an exceptionally bond between the conductor and his musicians, Musica Ricercata explores different soundworlds, employing old instruments — wooden flutes, baroque oboes, strings woven from gut, theorbo, etc. - as well as modern instruments, depending on the programme, and playing each repertoire in the proper manner.
Gabriel Bebeșelea is known to devote himself to researching and rediscovering music and this is very noticeable in the proposed concert concepts, which explore some of history’s neglected musical masterpieces. In fact, the name of the ensemble means “Researched Music” and it was borrowed from György Ligeti’s set of eleven pieces for piano - Musica Ricercata - as an homage to the artistic director's fellow countryman.
Gabriel Bebeșelea and Musica Ricercata are constantly widening their horizons, delivering a unique strand of creative programmes, always pushing for change and standing for diversity, exploration and excellence.
Photo: Paul Buciuta
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