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"From a total darkness in the hall, the lights were discretely lit at first, only for the music stands of the instrumentalists who were performing, then progressively for the whole ensemble, the peak coming only at the soprano’s appearance and interventions. The audience felt transposed in a mirage, to which the splendor of the Athenaeum’s hall unquestionably contributed. In parallel, came the the enchanting sound.


Great was the surprise produced by the new orchestra! It performed in a stunning homogeneity, expressive (how wonderful, fading and surrounding the woodwinds sounded!), with accurate articulations, ranging from finesse and sensitivity to energy and tumult, to varied tempos that reached the overwhelming prestissimo. Along with them, virtuosity was present everywhere (Overture and Chaconne from “Platée” by Rameau are just two examples).


Melancholy, nostalgia, elegance and refinement roamed through the melodic discourse."

Costin Popa - Adevărul, 7th of March 2018

"Imagine an Athenaeum totally submerged in darkness for a few moments, the deep silence being at home and suddenly it is interrupted by the sounds of the old timpani from the 1700s and something, that are masterfully struck by the orchestra’s percussionist. After that, the light bulbs on stage began to turn on one by one: first the lamps on the music score stands and only afterwards the ones in the ceiling.


Even when Rodica Vica got on stage, not all of them were lit, because herself was a royal appearance: majestic, with an impeccable attire, dressed in a blue dress, she crossed the Atheneum’s stage without rushing, entering into the atmosphere created by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Marc-Antoine music on texts by Molière.

Rarely have I felt goosebumps as I did last night! I lived that excitement that some people are looking for for their whole lives and do not find.

It was really a FANTASTIC concert! And I bow in front of them, those on the stage who turned my fatigue into excitement and conquered me from the very beginning."

Nona Rapotan - Bookhub, 7th of March 2018



Photo credit: © Zsófia Pályi, Müpa Budapest
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