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 Musica Ramificata

Artistic Direction: Gabriel Bebeșelea

Flute: Matei Ioachimescu


Jean-Philippe Rameau: Forêts paisibles (Danse du grand calumet de la paix) 
Jean-Philippe Rameau: L’Orage (Platée) 
György Ligeti: Ramifications
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Toccata cromatica
Kalevi Aho: Concerto for Alto Flute and Small Orchestra (composed for Musica Ricercata)



PERFORMERS: 22 musicians


Dates available on request

Musica Ramificata is a unique concert-concept which aims to ingeniously combine contemporary music with baroque music, discovering ramifications and connections between the two eras - an approach that brings several categories of audiences closer to new music. 

Starting from “Ramifications" by György Ligeti, piece that finds itself at the center of the programme, the project will demonstrate the direct connection between baroque and new music. But there are many more connections that have the role of Musica Ricercata (translated “researched music”). Musica Ricercata itself is the title of a piano piece by György Ligeti in which he pays homage to Girolamo Frescobaldi, looking at the music of the early baroque music from the perspective of the twentieth century. From this idea, the ensemble Musica Ricercata took over the conceptual route, realising the musical ramifications that will bring the audience closer to both the old and the new music.

In the foreground, there will be the Concerto for Alto Flute and Small Orchestra by the great Finnish composer Kalevi Aho, a piece dedicated to flutist Matei Ioachimescu and conductor Gabriel Bebeselea, that was composed after Aho attended the performance of his Flute Concerto No. 1 by the same two musicians.

The project is completed by the works of the most important representative of the French Baroque, Jean-Philippe Rameau, born exactly one century after Girolamo Frescobaldi. 
Because the ramifications are treated also literally in this project, Rameau's works represent or describe nature in its various forms. 

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